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October 18, 2012

Wipe New


Car detailing is a necessary evil if you want to preserve your car for longer and give it the extra shine. However, DIY car detailing is back-breaking work and involves buying a ton of products, while professional services cost a bomb. So, after reading several Wipe New reviews, I decided to give this apparently one-stop, all-in-one, revolutionary product a go (with a pinch of skepticism, of course).

My Complete Wipe New Review




  • It works! My car is now gleaming like a supernova.
  • Easy to use. The bottle said one wipe would do, and that’s what it took
  • Low cost. $19.99 for a double size bottle.
  • Versatile. Can be applied to nearly all parts of the car.
  • Useful freebies (for once)

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  • Needs 24-hour curing time. Wasn’t a problem for me because I did it in the garage but make sure you don’t expose your car to the elements after application
  • Cannot be used on glass or mirrors
  • Hardens when it dries so avoid getting it on your clothes or skin

What is it?

What is Wipe New

The Wipe New

Wipe New is basically an all-in-one, one-wipe car detailing product designed to restore tired-looking cars to their former glory. It can also be used to protect your car from the elements, helping to maintain a sleek and shiny for extended periods of time (two years at least, as claimed by the company). Wipe New apparently uses a special formula that involves nano-polymers which are designed to penetrate deep and bind to the car surface to give the luster and protection it needs.




Features and Benefits

Wipe New Logo

Wipe New

Not only can Wipe New be used on the exterior finish, it can also be used on the bumpers, rims, dashboards and just about any other plastic surface, which means that instead of needing to buy 10 products to detail your car, you only need one. This also means that you won’t need to apply multiple `layers, one will do, which is a god-sent. You can also get a few freebies with your purchase and those freebies can actually be useful. They include two microfiber cloths (gentle and very absorbent, always useful), one headlight prep pad (removes oxidation gently), one detail brush (good for hard-to-reach areas), and one pair of gloves (wear them, you don’t want the formula on your skin, trust me). Most importantly, the Wipe New car restorer is very effective. I’m hoping it will last for two years, but it looks great for now anyway.

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Issues and Concerns

Do note that you still need a separate product for glass and mirrors because Wipe New doesn’t work well on them at all. Also, make sure you leave your car covered for 24 hours after application to cure. More specifically, don’t expose it to moisture. I’m not sure what will happen but I gathered from other wipe new car reviews that it can result in spotting or streaking.

Sales and Deals

Wipe New is currently on promotion. You can get a double size bottle (enough for two cars) for $19.99 + $7.99 S&P. If you want your freebies, you will need to pay an extra $7.99 S&P. So that’s $35.98 for everything. I think it’s quite a good deal, significantly cheaper than most of the products I used to get.

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Wipe New Review

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