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July 19, 2012

Where to buy Magic Mesh

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Written by: Helen
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It’s always nice to get fresh air blowing through the house, but if you don’t have a screen door you can end up with a host of bugs as houseguests. Having a screen door installed can be expensive, but Magic Mesh is actually the perfect alternative for a fraction of the price.

What is Magic Mesh I hear you ask? They are mesh screen doors that do the same job as a traditional door, but with differences that make them far more practical. Thinks about how standard screen doors work and how often they become buckled or torn. Then there is the difficulty of trying to open them if you are heading outside with items in your hands… click here to continue to Magic Mesh Review


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Magic Mesh consists of a pair of easy to install screens that provide that barrier to the outdoors, but which are held closed by 18 powerful magnets. That means that there is no fumbling to get them open when you need to go outside. Simply walk through the soft mesh and watch as they magically close behind you, held together once more by the magnets.

Magic Mesh is a great addition for homes that have kids and dogs, especially since they are the ones most likely to go charging out the door. That is when damage can really happen, but not if you have Magic Mesh installed instead of traditional screen doors. There are many more places where the product can be used than just in the home, so follow our link to find out where to buy Magic Mesh.

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It has eighteen magnetic panels that allow you to walk through it without using your hands…

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Magic Mesh Reviews

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Magic Mesh Door

Magic Mesh Door

This will allow you to give your house a good airing and cut down on those air conditioning costs at the same time..

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