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October 21, 2013

Teeter Hang Ups Review

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Written by: Helen
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Teeter Hang Ups

Back pain can affect many areas of a person’s life. Concentration and sitting while at work is one problem back pain sufferers endure, while walking, running, or standing for long periods can also cause significant discomfort. Driving for those with neck problems becomes an arduous task. Relief in the form of medication isn’t always a possibility in the case of those experiencing back pain who need to maintain an active lifestyle. Home treatments are a good option, and one popular method is using traction in the form of an inversion table to relieve stress and tension from key trigger points on joints and vertebra. Teeter Hang Ups is advertised as offering a convenient way to use to traction for the relief of back, neck, and joint pain.

Before Ordering 

It’s a good general rule with back pain to always get a doctor’s opinion before trying any new equipment or exercises. Even for those who have sporadic discomfort, or who believe their problem is a matter of stress or overuse of muscles, back pain, and possible solutions should always be discussed with a physician.

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The Cost and Specifics

The cost of inversion tables varies greatly, so as the Teeter Hang Ups has at least two different tables for roughly $400, these appear to be a good deal, but it still might sound pricey to someone expecting to pay less. The questions when examining which table to buy is to consider effectiveness, usability, and safety.

The claim of Teeter Hang Ups – official site –  is that it uses Ergonomic Flex Technology. This is the manufacturer’s patented design which according to the company moves with the user. For the person using the Teeter, this type of movement offers more comfortable and usability.

Once shipped and put together the smaller of the two which is the Teeter Hang Ups EP-950 doesn’t look much like other inversion tables. It seems to wobble a bit when standing next to it, but once the user is lying on the table it feels solid and comfortable. There’s an adjustable pillow, but it’s small so it is necessary to find the spot the user will need it when lying on the table. As it’s possible to adjust the table to various angles the pillow can also be relocated as necessary.

Just as seen on the television commercial once the table is set at the angle desired, the next step is to lock it in place, then sit on the table and adjust the straps around the ankles. These shouldn’t be too tight, but secure enough to hold most of the body’s weight. Getting the angle right on the first use can take a few tries, as the user needs to unlock the ankle straps get off, and make the adjustment and try again, but this is true of most inversion tables.

Inversion on any such table usually sees relief in as little as 15 minutes a day. Inversion takes the pressure off the discs and joints allowing relief for these spots and the surrounding muscles.


According to the manufacturer Teeter Hang Ups are designed with heat-treated steel, and auto-locking hinges. Even these hinges have a squeak-free roller bearing a factor that’s caused some users to give up on other tables. The unit is UL1647 tested for safety, which is a mark in its favor, as the last thing anyone suffering from back pain needs is to roll or slide off a table. A loss of durability after months of use is one complaint some have with many inversion tables.

Observation on Use 

Perhaps the top complaint for Teeter Hang Ups is that putting it together for an individual with back pain is something of a hassle. Even with the lighter table Teeter Hang Ups offers some of the parts are heavy, and placement will mean sitting or squatting on the ground while fitting parts together. It might be the best idea for some users to have help in putting the unit together.

The unit once in use is effective, but all inversion tables that allow for a secure, but comfortable hold will offer relief.  Perhaps what makes the Teeter worth the price is its feeling of stability, the ease in getting on and off the table, and its durability.

Teeter Hang Ups

Teeter Hang Ups official site

Reviews of Teeter Hang Ups 

The customer reviewers of Teeter Hang Ups are surprisingly positive given the price. Even customers who paid for larger, or more intricate inversion tables typically complain about the price, but those who bought Teeter Hang Ups, which is more expensive than many tables of the same type sees very few customers regretting the cost.

That’s not to say that everyone who uses the machine is comfortable with the way the Teeter Hang Ups works. Some reviewers have trouble with stretching and an uncomfortable fit that can’t be adjusted.

“The support cross brace directly behind the nylon backing hits directly on my lower back area. I tried adjusting heights, but this doesn’t help. The nylon backing gives too much and seems to already be stretching out…”

For many Teeter Hang Ups works well, but for those who really need to use an inversion table often finding a place to test the table first before buying could be worth the effort.

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