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November 17, 2012

Tag Away: A Great Solution to Skin Tags

Tag Away Skin Tag Remover Review


Skin tags are harmless but it strikes out the confidence level of anyone who has it. Break free from all the embarrassment and worry that this little skin overgrowth causes you. Tag Away is the all natural solution to remove skin tags and keep your skin looking smooth and flawless!

What is Tag Away Skin Tag Remover ?

Tag Away Skin Tag Remover is a natural topical solution that was created from natural plant extracts that have been proven to remove harmless skin overgrowths without inflicting any form of pain in the surrounding area. There are no chemicals and other harmful ingredients in Tag Away but all it has is Thuja occidentalis which is recognized for the tag removing properties that make it highly effective and safe to use.


Tag Away Ingredients

Those who are concerned of the different harmful chemicals that are used in making medicines and other topical solutions will now have a peace of mind because Tag Away is all natural with ingredients such as Cedar Leaf oil, Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf oil, Ricinus Communis Seed oil, and has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration and other homeopathic organizations in the United States. It has been proven to be safe and effective to use in removing skin tags. After the skin tag has been removed, there will be no pain and no scarring, which make Skin Tag a great choice for those who want an easy way out of their misery of having these skin overgrowths.

For some people who may extra sensitive skin, Tag away may cause some rashes or side effects. It is best to test a small patch of skin first 24 hour before using the product to see any adverse reactions. If irritations occur, it is best to stop using the product immediately and then call your doctor as soon as possible to get proper medical assistance. The product cannot be used on any other skin overgrowth or condition such as warts or moles.

How To Use Tag Away

Tag Away must be applied three times a day to the area that needs to be treated using a cotton swab. It works in about three to eight weeks, but may work faster depending on the affected area. The skin overgrowth will flake and dry up.

Note that Tag Away is not to be used by pregnant or nursing women, as well as young children. Consult your doctor prior to using this product. Those who may experience adverse reactions from using Tag Away should discontinue its use.

Special Deals & Offers

Tag Away is offered on TV for $19.99 per 10 ml bottle with $9.95 postage and handling, with the second 10 ml bottle for free. There is also an existing deluxe TV offer of 50 percent more product for $5 additional for every bottle that is purchased. The final amount is $29.99 for two deluxe bottle kits with an additional $9.95 for postage and handling. There is money back guarantee for customers who may not have their expectations met with Tag Away. Now you can find Tag Away at Amazon.com .


Tag Away is an excellent product for those who are seeking a natural solution for their skin overgrowth problems. It is easy, fast, and highly effective!

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