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September 17, 2013

Sustainable Beauty Tips and Tricks That Are Just So Natural


When you look at magazines today, you may be able to see make up clad women gracing the covers. But these women sometimes have the heaviest make up than you can imagine. For the sake of the shoot, these gunky and preservative laden make ups are being put on.

Chemical free beauty products are hard to come by. They are mostly rare or they may come in fake ads. Most make up would boast organic products, but then no. The trick is to examine it closely, know what is there and what the truth is.

Benefits of Natural and Sustainable Beauty Products

Aside from keeping your skin healthy, it may also help in keeping your body toxin free. Chemical laden products don’t only affect the skin, but it may go deeper than that.

Natural beauty products and use of some sustainable ingredient in your beauty regimen may help you develop a far healthy skin and even prepare your look against aging and wrinkling.

Some Sustainable Beauty Tricks You Can Try

beauty foods

  1. Use plant oil. They are devoid of the heavy and gunky residue of the oil that you always knew from makeup that is oil based.
  2. Use tea herbs as scrub. Try to grow them and use them to exfoliate. This way, you will be able to remove deep seated impurities lurking down there caused by your old product.
  3. Use lemon grass as toner. This, plus lemon can help in acting as a balm against the acne and breakout. Add some chamomile for the sensitive skin plus rosemary to protect you from the excessive sun exposure.
  4. Use natural plants in highlighting hair. A chamomile tea can lighten your hair and rosemary can make it darker. Plus it doesn’t only serve as a highlighter; it may even help you achieve that soft and shiny hair you’ve always dream of.
  5. Use lavender to cure pimple. It helps in drying it out plus it is anti-bacterial.
  6. Avoid perfumes. These perfumes may have the ingredients that may prove harmful to you and your skin too. It can cause certain things than you can imagine.
  7. Try to be make-up less. Dare to bare as one popular soap said. Why not? Try to give your skin a break from the pore clogging ingredients of your make up. It doesn’t only hasten your wrinkles and signs of aging but it also covers the real you.
  8. Take your conditioner. I mean, eat it. You can’t just go on and apply your conditioner forever. Eat plenty of foods that are healthy and will be acting on it for the benefit of your hair.
  9. Try some local natural products. But make sure they’re approved. They can be available in your local supermarket or in your local farmer’s product. Some freelance and entrepreneur near you might even have it.

There are lots of things that you can do to be able to rescue your skin from too much junk of the current beauty trends. A little product help and introduction to everything natural will help you from the internet or through your friends. Ask them, or why not consult a trusted doctor?

Some good products add natural beauty products are just found right under your nose in your pantry or in your kitchen. And yes, mostly, the secret is to eat your make up. A true make up involves healthy food and even healthy lifestyle. You cannot stuff yourself forever in make ups and other chemical laden products.

So for things to remember, read this:

  • It takes courage to avoid make up, but do it.
  • Make your patronized product all natural, avoid artificial ones.
  • Keep body healthy, eat healthy.
  • Avoid stress and other pollutants.
  • Smile and be stress free.

You can start living healthily from now on; keep everything sustainable, organic and natural.

Image Credit: Kokken via Flickr

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