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September 20, 2013

Soft Super Cooler

soft super cooler

Nothing is as relaxing as a day at the beach. Except for the crowd and managing to get all the supplies you need out of the car and onto the sand. The problem with most bags you take along is that these aren’t large enough to hold all the things you need, and the first sign of rain or mist and your stuff is ruined. The Soft Super Cooler bag commercial demonstrates a bug that’s water resistant, and large enough to carry almost anything you need. The question is does it live up to this hype?

What You Get with the Soft Super Cooler 

The main compartment of the Soft Super Cooler is insulated so it can hold hot and cold drinks, the bag is large enough according to the claims of the manufacturer to hold an umbrella, drinks, electronics, clothing, fishing equipment, and outdoor gear. The promotion of the Soft Super Cooler states the bag is heavy duty, easy to carry, tough, lightweight, and has a water proofing lining. The reality of the Soft Super Cooler, is somewhere in between the claims and the fact the bag costs less than hundred dollars. Find all the claims of Super Cooler at the official site.


Water Resistant versus Water Proof 

According to some customer reviews Soft Super Cooler’s ascertain about having a waterproof internal bag, and water resistant material for the rest of the bag is confusing.

 “This was a total rip-off. It leaks. It does not keep cold for long. Seams ripped and the zipper bent…” 

The internal bag is waterproof. When you get the Soft Super Cooler and feel the interior of the inside larger pocket you can feel the ‘cringle’ of the waterproof material. Water proofing will keep water or liquid trapped either outside the bag if it’s dunked, or inside if there’s a spill. If the internal pocket is punctured or ruptured than it’s no longer water proof. The bag will leak, but then so would any waterproof container if it’s damaged.

The outer material of the bag is water resistant. This means the material will not immediately become saturated or soak up water if dunked or dropped in the lake. In fact, as demonstrated the bag can even float for a few seconds depending on how much weight is packed into the bag.

Can the Soft Super Cooler hold everything listed in the advertisements? Yes, but not all at the same time. The bag isn’t magically able to become bigger on the inside than it is on the outside, so while you can pack many of the items you need for a day outdoors, you can’t fit the contents of your garage inside the cooler.

One reviewer wrote: Swiss Army knife” products don’t work in short form…”

This reviewer is correct, in that if you try to overload the Soft Super Cooler you run the risk of puncturing the internal waterproof material and this will cause a leak. This isn’t really a problem with the cooler as much as it is an issue of expectations being placed too high for customers before they even receive the bag.

Cooler versus Ice Cold

The Soft Super Cooler does do a good job of keeping soft drinks, or beer cooler, and food a bit warmer than it would be if not carried in the bag. In the instructions that come with the bag it’s spelled out you can’t carry ice, ice cream or anything you want to keep frozen even in the interior insulated, waterproof pocket. Food, such as soup might be warm if kept in the bag, but it certainly won’t be piping hot. Keeping items such as chicken, tuna or anything that can go bad quickly probably isn’t a good idea either. You are able carry more soft drinks and food than with the Soft Super Cooler than with the average bag, and the items will stay cooler.

The Soft Super Cooler Review

The construction of this bag isn’t up to overloading, or truly rough treatment. This is not the bag you need for fleeing during a hurricane, nor is it the right choice for trip through Amazon.

The disappointment some experience with this bag when it arrives comes from a few expectations no such bag could actually meet. This is a good bag for a day at the beach, or for some time out on a boat. You can take the Soft Super Cooler hiking because it’s easy to carry. The shoulder straps are wide so carrying this on one arm or across the back isn’t awkward. Because of the interior waterproof pocket you can carry drinks or wet towels in this part of the bag, and electronics like your iPod in another part of the bag without too much risk of damage. Just make sure to watch for any leaks in the interior pocket.



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