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August 22, 2013

SnoreRX Review

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Written by: Brian Hall
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Snoring is the vibration of respiratory structures and the resulting sound, due to obstructed air movement during breathing while sleeping. In some cases the sound may be soft but in other cases it can be loud and unpleasant as we all have most likely encountered at some point in our lives. There are different reasons why we snore. Some of them are throat weakness which will cause the throat to close during sleep, mispositioned jaw that could be caused by tension in the muscles, excess fat in and around the throat meaning you need to increase your level of physical activity if possible, relaxants such as alcohol or drugs, that cause the throat muscles to relax resulting in snoring, sleeping on one’s back etc. Snoring can cause sleep deprivation issues for the snorers and for the people that share the same room with them. I snore too loudly and have been told so by my family many times. I did some research to find a solution to my problem. During my thorough research, I ran into a product that I think it is worth talking about – it’s called the Snore RX.

Couple sleeping and hugging on the bed in bedroom

The Product

So what is SnoreRX? According to the official website SnoreRx is an advanced patent pending medical grade oral appliance that is designed to deliver maximum patient comfort and clinical effectiveness in reducing snoring with a modular fashion to deliver both comfort and maximum clinical effectiveness. As with all products you should read and follow the instructions but SnoreRx in essence is a very safe product, it doesn’t contain any BPA (Bisphenol), latex or acrylics. It has a revolutionary design and includes a built in Calibrator. The Calibrator allows the bottom section of the mouthpiece to maneuver in a forward direction to fulfill individual needs. It’s worth mentioning that it is FDA approved product. The mouth piece lasts approximately 12-15 months which is way ahead of the other products on the market. I know that some of you will ask “But since it is a mouthpiece can you get a TMD/TMJ pain?”, the answer is “No”, it is a product that is very friendly to your jaw. Unlike other aesthetic mouthpieces, it does not use wires, screws, nuts, bolts, and springs meaning it is very easy and safe to use. It works by employing a method called ‘mandibular repositioning’ by which it gently advances your lower jaw forward, and creates an open airway through your throat. The process supposedly eliminates the vibrations that cause snoring. It is common that most people make the mistake of trying the device right out of the box. And thus they return the item. The SnoreRx is a custom fit device and is intended to be boiled before being used. Do not use SnoreRx without boiling it to a custom fit first.


Visit SnoreRx Official Site

Customer Reviews

During my research on the Internet I encountered tons of reviews about SnoreRx. It is important to look at customer reviews in order to see if the product really works and if it does does it work like the company claims it does. A person stated the following

“I was a bit reluctant to try a stop-snoring aid thinking that it probably wouldn’t work, but with my wife not getting decent sleep many nights I figured I need to try something. I must say that after a few weeks that it has been a successful purchase. The way they describe using the device and what to expect was spot on. Following the instructions, within a few nights I was used to it and not snoring hardly at all. I adjusted it forward 1 millimeter after about a week and now have settled into it as a habit. It is very well made and the ability to adjust it after custom-fitting it to my teeth is must-have functionality. Overall I would say that it has been a worthwhile purchase to reduce my snoring to a very minimal amount, at least enough to not bother my wife.”

that basically says that he had results after only few nights and that is easy to use while it doesn’t take much to get accustomed to.

Here is what other person had to say about this product

“Snorex is a win for me. I was definitely skeptical whether it would work. I coupled it with a snoring monitor app for my iPhone. The app proves to me that there is a remarkable difference with the device. The combination also helped me make setting adjustments on my snorex for improved results. Most importantly, my fiancée is staying in bed. I had no idea how bad my snoring was and greatful that snorex delivered.” ,

this person even tested it with an application in order to see if it really works.

snorerx as seen on tv


As with all products SnoreRx has it cons too but do they outweigh the pros?

SnoreRx is not a product that you put and everything is great instantly, it seems that you need some time to become use to it, at least a few nights. Depending on your location the delivery rates can be a bit pricey. If you use dentures then you might have some issues with this product but that will be the case with any other mouthpiece.

Inside Verdict

So does SnoreRx works? Most certainly. Are the claims by its manufacturer correct? It seems so. In my opinion you should give this product a try if you have snoring issues. It could be well worth your money. Hopefully this review made some things clear about SnoreRx or it helped you find the right snoring device for you. Give me your feedback on this product!


The best way to order this product is through the official website, in order to avoid counterfeits plus you have a 30 day guarantee where you will get a full refund, shipping not included, if you decide that this product is not for you. The price stands at $99.

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About the Author

Brian Hall
Brian is the Health and Fitness writer, and also our expert on cars. This might seem like an odd combination, but anyone who has had that sick sinking feeling when presented with a huge bill from their mechanic understands just closely health and cars are linked. Practicing what he writes about Brian can be found either in the gym or under the hood of his own car. This makes Brian the guy to turn to whether the rattle is in your chest or in your engine. It’s hard to believe such an active guy has the time to write, but apparently Brian is also an expert in time management as he’s managed to keep readers informed on both subjects in detail while still finding time to increase his own knowledge. Being fit and having a great running car are two worthy goals and Brain’s commitment to both are clear. With several years of experience in staying healthy and keeping your car on the road his blogs are insightful, and interesting. As he is obviously a very busy writer we are fortunate to have the opportunity to share his passion about everything from workouts to tire rotation.


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