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August 26, 2013

Side Socket

side socket review

I bet that almost all of you reading this article have found your office or room where you have multiple electrical appliances to have dozens of cords that make a mess, that are not organized properly, where the PC and its components are plugged in one socket, the stereo is plugged in the other socket and the TV plugged in another socket. So now you have electrical cords all over the place and you are simply frustrated. I totally get you, I have experienced the same and that is why I went on a search for something, anything, that will help me organize all of the power cords and clear the clutter. There are tons of products that supposedly can help you with this situation and while most of them work, a large number of them are not as efficient as they claim to be, plus they can be a bit big, take up space and prevent furniture or other items to sit close to the wall. Recently I ran into a product that caught my eye and I did my research on it. It is called Side Socket.

before and after side socket

The Product

Side Socket is a socket adapter or a multiplug. But what makes it so much different than the rest? There are other socket adapters/multiplugs out there where you can plug probably more appliances than on Side Socket. So why should you even consider byuing it? Well, Side Socket is unique because it is not big and bulky like most of the other multiplugs and the most important thing, it has a 90 degree swivel angle which means that you will have much more space and it will be better at hiding those ugly, messy cables. Also, because you will have much more space than with the usual multiplug adapters you will be able to fit furniture tightly against the wall, simply swivel away. You have 3 sockets on each of the sides on Side Socket. Though it is not much as I’ve stated before it’s very practical and you could simply get more Side Socket multiplugs if you need them. Side Socket is also a electrical surge protector and that is why it is also called Side Socket Surge Protector. No lightning will stop you now.

Customer reviews

During my online research on this product I ran into some customer reviews that I want to share with you. Customer reviews are an integral part of purchasing a product online because you will read first hand experience with the product that you are interested in. Take a look at this customer review.

At just $10, plus processing and handling, the Side Socket is an unbeatable deal. As if that weren’t a good enough deal, this product also comes with a rare Lifetime Guarantee. The Side Socket is only available through this website, so if you want to get rid of your cord issues once and for all, while taking advantage of this great Buy One Get One Free Offer, sign on and stock up.

This review captures everything you need to know, the product has an affordable price, it has Lifetime Guarantee, you get an additional Side Socket with your purchase , two for the price of one. Moving forward, I have another review that I want you to pay attention to

As soon as I saw this product I had to get one. Side Socket is the best product I have seen as it makes so much sense. I have so many wires sticking out from behind my power bar behind my TV and there was no way to organize them. The Side Socket allows me to keep them organized and not tangled and the design is perfect. I ordered it and received another one for free which was great because I had the same problem with my computer in my home office. The Side Socket would make a great gift as it can be used anywhere – work or home. I have heard of similar products but was told they didn’t work so I am happy the finally designed one that did.

This customer confirmed what the previous one stated and confirmed that Side Socket does its job when it comes to organizing electrical cords.


Now it’s time for us to take a look at the cons of this product. The only color that it is available is white which can be a big minus for people that are looking to match their walls or cords or whatever their esthetic desire is. Shipping and handling are a bit pricey and you are charged for shipping and handling for your second Side Socket which is free. It’s only available online so you don’t get to see it in person before you purchase it but the lifetime guarantee makes up for it in my opinion.


It seems that this simple, ingenious product works quite well and delivers its promises. It clears the mess, it protects you from electrical surges and its unique 90 degree swivel leaves you with more space. This product could be well worth your money but it’s up to you to decide. I hope that this article was helpful and if you decide to purchase this product give us your feedback, leave your feedback or let us know at our contact page.

The safest way to purchase this product is through Amazon.com Official Site. This way you will avoid counterfeits and you will not be scammed. The price stands at $10 without shipping and handling with a lifetime MONEY-BACK guarantee, now that sounds awesome in my opinion.


Side Socket Best Seller At Amazon.com

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