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July 10, 2012

Samurai Pro Sharpener


The Samurai Pro is a sharpener for cutting tools such as knives, shears and scissors. It was created mainly with cooking knives in mind, as sharp cooking knives are known to help enhance and improve your cooking experience. However, due to its adjustable tungsten carbide blades, the Samurai Pro sharpener is able to sharpen almost any type of cutting tools, even serrated knives.

The Samurai sharpening method is extremely easy. All you need to do is mount the Samurai Pro sharpener on any surface with its mounting cup, place the knife at the adjustable sharpening tungsten carbide blade, and draw. It only takes 2 to 3 draws to sharpen a knife, and make it as sharp as a brand new blade…read more

Make your old knives the best knives for cooking. Sharpening cooking knives will no longer be a nuisance with the Samurai Pro Sharpener. The Samurai kitchen knives are incredibly sharp, making it easy for you to cut through vegetables cleanly and proportionately, and even cut meat without tearing.

The Samurai Pro sharpener is small in size, making in extremely portable. This means that it is really easy for you to bring it anywhere you want to, from cookouts to camping and fishing trips. An easy to use and hassle free kitchen knife sharpener…continue reading

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Introducing Samurai Pro

How  Samurai Pro Sharpener Works ?

Is Samurai a Good Sharpening Tool ?

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