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May 6, 2013

Ruggies Rug Grippers Review

Ruggies For Rugs review

In the past few years, trends are showing a major increase in the buying of area rugs as a result of the fast growth of hardwood flooring. Such increase has led to a spike in various home related injuries and falls. Since rugs are spending most of their lives rolled up while being shipped and stored, a common issue encountered by people is that the ends of these mats curl up. It is not only unattractive as it can be very dangerous as well.

A new product, Ruggies Rug Holders is the most successful way of preventing tripping on area rugs and they are also the easiest ways to keep the mats looking tidy and neat besides being reusable without leaving marks on the floor.

What Ruggies Reviews Have to Say

Many customers were impressed of this new product especially because it is equipped with Track Grip Polymer Technology. Some customers were satisfied because they have achieved a much neater look for their homes ever since they started using Ruggies which fasten the corners of their rugs and carpets. Others have emphasized the ease of cleaning because Ruggies are strong in holding the corners down during vacuum cleaning. For them, it is very convenient because they need not to stop to pull the rugs out of the vacuum.


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Ruggies for rugs how to use

Ruggies Press Wash And Reuse!

Where to Buy Ruggies Rug Grippers

When you order Ruggies Rug Gripers, you will receive eight Ruggies for just $10.00 plus the handling and processing. These are the grippers which come in triangular shape used to stick on every corner of the area rugs meaning a single order would be enough for two rugs of any size. If you take advantage of the limited time special offer, you will get additional eight Ruggies for fee. So for only $10.000, you will get a total of 16 Rug Grippers. Also, there is a onetime web only special in which you can earn for yourself a free Ruggies mystery gift.

Update: Ruggies is now available at Amazon.com

Does Ruggies Rug Holders Really Work?

Ruggies rug grippers as seen on tv

Ruggies For Rugs As Seen On Tv


Ruggies Rug Grippers are simple to use. All you need to do is press them to the bottom of the rug and attach the other end to the hardwood floor. There is no need for you to worry about ruining the floors with stick residue as the Ruggies are free of adhesive and glue. The secret to this is the Tacky Grip Polymer Technology that grips the floor with tons of suction pockets making them so easy to remove. They are reusable and washable as well. They can keep the rugs in place, preventing curling and bunching corners on the surfaces of the flooring.

Ruggies Benefits


You can use Ruggies rug holders on any size and shape of rugs and it works on wooden, tiled or linoleum flooring. With these rug holders, you never have to worry about embarrassing your family members or guests after tripping on the floor just because the corners of your carpets or rugs are rolled out. Not only that, you can also keep your home looking neat and tidy every time.- More information at Amazon.com

Ruggies as seen on tv

Ruggies for Rugs




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  1. Philip

    Can I order to Uk ?

  2. […] they are very easy to maintain and they work properly in keeping the rugs at their right places. The ruggies are reusable thus the total cost in the only initial cost when buying them. They are stuck at the back of the […]

  3. […] you are looking for rug grippers to keep your rugs from curling or slipping, you could look at our review for rug […]

  4. Maria Johnson

    I am a student and my rented apartment has all wooden flooring and i am paranoid about getting scratches and damage to it so i have put rugs all over the joint lol. Mom came to visit and she bought these with her and I put them on to make her feel special cos shes my mom and i am amazed the little stickies stay stuck! I read your article saying you can wash them and i was a little worried that they would be real hard to come up and i was totally shocked that they come off so easily. Yet when i am vacuuming it holds real firm.

  5. Hi there Maria
    Thanks for the feedback, yes as you pointed out, they are washable which is a very good feature of Ruggies. It also improves the performance of the ruggies.

    Kindest regards

  6. Gary Milton

    Hi, Helen
    you say that its available in US and Canada, If I order to Canada can I still get the free second one?

  7. Abigail Watson

    How long does this take to arrive? i ordered mine ages ago and I still haven’t got it.

    thank you

  8. Tina marie

    I am in two minds about this my mom, who is very elderly and I worry constantly about her falling. I am wondering how well they stick?

  9. Barbie Harriss

    Hi I favorited Tedreviews a little while back when I was thinking about ordering the xhose. I was real pleased with it, so i thought I would come back and have a look through your other product reviews. This sounds like a real good idea, where can I find out more about it

    I look forward to hearing from you guys


  10. Libby Andrews

    Hi all
    I wonder, do these work with lightweight rugs or is it just the heavier ones?

  11. Jacqueline Wirral

    These sound like a great idea but I am wondering about a couple of things. Firstly can I use them on round shaped rugs? secondly do they stick on tiles or are they just for wooden flooring use?

  12. Melissa Gibson

    Are these really removable and washable? if thats the case then will they still work when washed and does it make them less sticky? Surely the glue will wash away?

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