The Samurai pro is a knife sharpener that according to the infomercial will sharpen your knives, shears, and cutting tools quickly and efficiently leaving them sharp enough to cut through butter.  The Samurai pro has the backing of the world famous chef Irvine who actually demonstrates the sharpener on the informercial.  But is the Samurai pro really the best sharpener you can purchase and does it perform as well as those television informercials claim?

A Little About The Samurai Pro

The Samurai pro is a knife sharpener that is designed to look a lot like a bubble gum machine except for the fact that the round dome is solid colored plastic rather than clear.  Inside the top of the round part of the sharpener are tungsten carbide steel sharpening blades.  These blades are adjustable to better fit various sizes of and shapes of knives. On the bottom of the sharpener is a suction device that holds the sharpener onto your counter top and is supposed to keep it from moving when you are sharpening your blades.  On the side is a lever that activates the sharpener.

The Samurai pro comes with a Samurai Pro instruction DVD that shows you how to use the sharpener and adjust the sharpening blades according to your needs.

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 What The Reviews Have To Say

Samurai Pro reviews are more negative than positive with some users complaining that this sharpener does not sharpen at all, ruins blades and that the suction either does not work, breaks, or the lever for the suction breaks off.

Others reviewers state that the Samurai Pro does an excellent job of sharpening all kinds of blades.  The vast difference in how users view this sharpener’s ability to sharpen blades may be in large part due to the fact that many users don’t watch the Samurai pro instruction video, either because they don’t want to take the time to do so or because the video may not have accompanied the product.  The fact that many users ignore or don’t have the instruction video becomes clear when you realize that many of these users don’t know that the sharpener blades are adjustable.

Those who do watch the videos tend to relate the Samurai Pro sharpening powers much higher than those who don’t watch the video.   This may account for the low ratings for this sharpener.  However, no amount of watching of the instruction videos is going to prevent the bottom suction of this sharpener from simply letting go or falling off and this is a problem that the company really needs to address.

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The Samurai pro may well be getting a bad rap when it comes to low ratings and complaints about this sharpeners ability to get knives sharp.  If you are considering buying this sharpener please take the time to watch the instruction video and learn how to adjust the blades and you will be much happier with how this sharpener functions.

Samurai Pro Sharpener Official Site

Samurai Pro Sharpener Official Site

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