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August 14, 2013

Ninja Cooking

ninja cooking

I bet that most of you are tired of using a crock-pot, an oven, a cooking pot every day for various meals and you have to do all the cleaning and maintenance for them. Believe me I am too. That is why I searched for a cooking system that would allow me to do all those things faster, more efficiently and even combine them. There are a lot of different cooking systems that you will be able to find at your local store for kitchen appliances or on various websites but you will rarely run into a good product. Luckily, I have been able to find a product that caught my eye and deserved to be talked about. So without further a due let me guide you through my thoughts about the Ninja Cooking System.

The Product

The Ninja Cooking System is basically an appliance, a product from Ninja Kitchen, that combines multiple kitchen/cooking appliances into one that has lots of functions like browning, sauteeing, slow cooking, steam cooking, baking or roasting. The company claims that with this cooking system you will be able to cook up to 50% faster and bake with up to 50% less fat which is very appealing to the general audience, including myself. It uses Triple Fusion Heat technology that basically means that it combines the heat from the bottom or the contact heat with a direct heat from the sides and the super-heated steam thus allowing you to prepare your meals faster than with your ordinary cooking appliances. Its dimensions are 18″ length including handles, 13-1/2″ width including knobs, 12″ tall with lid on. The manufacturers claim that it is pretty simple to clean which is an important factor when purchasing a multifunctional cooking system.

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Customer Reviews

Most of the reviews about the Ninja Cooking System that I have encountered were positive. But how good? Here is what customers think of this product, one person stated the following

“My wife and I love this appliance. Browning, slow cooking and roasting in one unit is great. Cleanup is quick and easy. Food comes out moist and tender. We have not tried baking as my wife is kind of old school when it comes to her baking. We have not had one problem with the Ninja cooking system. ”

This reviewer basically confirmed some of the things that the company claimed about the product, like the cleanup for example. It was rated with five stars showing utmost satisfaction with the purchase. Another review that is worth mentioning is the following

“Cooking with the Ninja Cooking system was an excellent experience tonight. We usually work late and have other activities in the evening. Oftentimes we are too hungry to spend an hour cooking. Tonight, we used the NinjaCooker and our meal was done in less than 30 minutes. We put pasta, sauce and frozen meatballs in the cooker. The meal came out fantastic. Cooking all three ingredients in pot simultaneously helped to infuse each bite with the taste of the meatballs, sauce and pasta. I can’t remember the last time we enjoyed a home-cooked meal this much. We were so impressed we tried baking a banana bread too and it was even better than when we use the regular oven! More fluffy, better texture and half the time to bake!!! Even better was the cleanup. One dish to scrub and we were done. We’re excited to test out the other recipes.”

This clearly speaks about the fast cooking properties of the Ninja Cooking System in a detailed fashion, the person writing the review even described the full meal.

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Even though most of the reviews are positive I did find some flaws that you need to pay attention to. It doesn’t have a buzzer to alarm you when the meal is prepared despite having a timer. But you don’t have much to worry about as the power will automatically shut off. Still it would have been a nice feature if they had some sort of an alarm sound along with the timer. Another thing that you need to pay attention to is the fact that the sides are hot during a cooking process so watch your step and be careful not to bump into the cooking system while you are in the kitchen. And lastly what I have noticed that requires more attention is the fact that not all parts are dishwasher safe, the metal rack or the metal vent hole in the lid should not be placed in the dishwasher as it can be damaged.


It is recommended that you should purchase this product from the official site where you will avoid counterfeits plus you have a 5 year guarantee. The price stands at $159.80 without shipping and in the package you have the Ninja Cooking System with the Ninja Roasting Rack & Multi-purpose pan and the Ninja Recipe Book. Is the Ninja Cooking System worth the money? Is it that effective and time saving? In my opinion yes, and you could be very well replacing multiple kitchen appliances due to the great number of features on this product. I hope that this review helped you solve your dilemmas about the Ninja Cooking System or find the kitchen appliance that you will make cooking easier in the future. Give us your feedback!

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Ninja Cooking System Recipe


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