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August 9, 2013

Night View Review

Night View Glasses as seen on tv

Have you ever tried driving at night and get distracted by the bright lights? What about during the day when your sunglasses just won’t cut out the glare from the sun or when it bounces off glass buildings and causes a blinding effect for a second? Many people tend to avoid driving if they know it is too bright or once it gets dark because it can at times cause you to not be able to see the road. Oncoming traffic or people driving with their high beams on can be a distraction as well and can make it tricky for a lot of people to drive at night. This is how accidents happen and for many people, I have a hard time driving at night so I decided to check out different methods for being able to see while I drove at night. I stumbled upon Night View glasses and decided to give them a shot. I was extremely shocked at just how effective they were as well as the whole concept of them. I decided to do some digging and research to see what they were all about. Once I ordered a pair to try out, I was shocked at the difference in how much easier it was for me to see. I wear them all the time whether I am going to the beach or whether I am working a late night shift and having to drive home with oncoming traffic.
Night View Before and After

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What are Night View Glasses?

With Night View glasses, you have the ability to drive day or night and you can also see the road a lot clearer and easier even if your windshield is not the clearest or the cleanest. These are virtually indestructible glasses that are both stylish and have an aviator design to them. The lenses are specially coated to help block any glare you may experience during the nighttime.

Traffic lights can often times be blurry and so can street lights or other cars approaching you. If you wear them through the day while driving, you’ll have the added benefit of having 100% protection from both UVA and UVB rays.

The great thing about these glasses is that because they are so versatile and stylish, you can wear them whether you’re driving, golfing, playing tennis, riding a bike, hiking, fishing and clubbing. Because they have a basic look to them, they are unisex.

Customer Reviews

Night View As Seen On Tv Results

Night View glasses are making a name for themselves in the industry. Many people are raving about how they look and feel while still being able to see at night and even during the day. Customers have received a number of comments on these glasses as they offer a stylish alternative to other shades that wrap around your existing glasses or just have a bulky look to them.

One customer says,

“I use these while playing golf to help me see the variations in the courses I play which makes it a lot easier on sunny day.”

The versatility these glasses offer allows you the ability you need to see at both day and night.

Many people have a hard time driving at night, and as one customer said,

“My nighttime driving has taken on a new dimension! I no longer have to worry about the glare from oncoming traffic!”

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The Drawback

With Night Vision glasses, while there are a number of advantages and highlights, there are a few minor setbacks. Some people have explained and described these glasses as being flimsy and not as durable as they thought they would be. I have seen a number of reviews that show unhappy customers but there are even more positive reviews. While there are some people that find these glasses to not be as durable as they may have liked, for the price these customers are not that furious or upset. The price and quality you get is something a number of customers have learned to live with and they feel that it’s a great deal for the money.

The one thing that offsets the fact that these glasses may not be as sturdy is that if you order through the official website, you can get two pair of these Night Vision glasses for the price of one which is running about $10 plus $7.95 for the shipping charges. In addition, you get a free mystery gift with your order.


Overall, these glasses can be a great alternative to being blinded by the sun and the glare that comes from other cars driving at night. The overall design of these glasses has become popular as the Aviator shape of glasses has become popular in the industry again. These are great for both nighttime and daytime wear which makes them extremely versatile for anyone to use both men and women.

Night View As Seen On Tv

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About the Author

Brian Hall
Brian is the Health and Fitness writer, and also our expert on cars. This might seem like an odd combination, but anyone who has had that sick sinking feeling when presented with a huge bill from their mechanic understands just closely health and cars are linked. Practicing what he writes about Brian can be found either in the gym or under the hood of his own car. This makes Brian the guy to turn to whether the rattle is in your chest or in your engine. It’s hard to believe such an active guy has the time to write, but apparently Brian is also an expert in time management as he’s managed to keep readers informed on both subjects in detail while still finding time to increase his own knowledge. Being fit and having a great running car are two worthy goals and Brain’s commitment to both are clear. With several years of experience in staying healthy and keeping your car on the road his blogs are insightful, and interesting. As he is obviously a very busy writer we are fortunate to have the opportunity to share his passion about everything from workouts to tire rotation.


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