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September 19, 2013

Mighty Bite Lures and Fishing

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Anyone who knows fishing well is aware there’s two types of people you will see on the water. Those who enjoy a good time, and those who take fishing so seriously it stops being fun. Mighty Bite lures appear to be the right choice for the first group. If you fish for the fun of it, and you like to experiment with new lures Mighty Bite is something you should try. Anyone who has only the most expensive life and artificial bait in their boat will doubtlessly find this lure a little too cheap for an overachiever.

Mighty Bite Inexpensive and Effective 

Lures which generate movement in the water are usually fairly expensive. So are those with interchange fins, 3-D hologram designs, and scent sticks, but the complete basic kit for Mighty Fishing lures is less than $20. It begs the questions do lures have to be costly to fill the boat? While the scent, which comes in the pack gives the bait a more natural “fishy” odor to attack fish, but the movement is one a few customers have questioned. The slightly sideways, jerky movement of the Mighty Bite lures is meant to simulate wounded or distressed prey. Instinctively fish attracted to this type of movement and show up to take a look. The rest, as always, is up the person holding on the line.

Sure Fire Methods 

Those who fish have heard the claims of surefire bait so often it’s hard not to turn a deaf ear to such as a sales pitch. With any lure it’s a matter of what the fish seem interested in biting on that particular day. It’s a good idea to have several opts with you, especially if you are going out on a boat rather than fishing from land. The weather, the season, the time of day, and the environment inside the water all play a part in how many fish it’s possible to catch. Lures, whether inexpensive or costly can only offer an edge.

The Design of Might Bites 

The designer of the Mighty Bite is pro angler Jeff Mancini, and his system is designed to catch predatory fish. From leaving a scent trail to changing the fins to create the illusion of a different species of pray Mighty Lure is created with the purpose of attracting those fish seeking prey. The “spasmic” action is to convince the fish this prey will be less of a challenge so it will attack.

Mighty Bite Design diagram

Source: Mighty Bite

How to use Mighty Bite 

If you purchase the package at the official site  you should find the scent sticks, fins, and lures inside ready to use.

Those who hate the time wasted on getting a live bait onto hook will enjoy the fact that Might Lures come ready to use. What does confound some who have ordered Might Bite lures is that some of the hooks seem very large.

Bear in mind the design is for predatory fish. If you are in an area where you have experienced bent hooks, and whooper fish actually straightening out the hook when they bite than these larger hooks come in handy. In those situations when you know the fish won’t bite such large hooks use the smaller and cast for wider distance. Bring the line with the swimming “spastic” fish slowly back. The lure will not “swim” in a straight line, but a wounded fish won’t either. You will need to manage the line more than with a live lure, or non-swimming artificial bait. No lure is magic, and it will mean re-casting, or possibly changing locations to see success with the Mighty Bite.

Note: Mighty Bite is not available at stores you can only find it online at mighty bite official site.

Fishing with Mighty Bite Lures 

The only real problem with Mighty Lures is the advertising. Jeff Macini designed a great lure, but no lure promoted as “always effective” or “works every time” will live up to the hype. Professional reviewers and customers chiming in with reviews demonstrate they have different results with Mighty Bite.

“Wow… Great bait… Mighty bite is a wonderful ‘thing’ in the water I give this 5 stars and I am going out for trout soon.”

“I have been out 3 times using the Mighty Bite, trolling and fishing the areas where bass normally are and so far I have not even gotten a strike on it.”

The fish have never cared about advertising, nor do they care whether or not a lure is inexpensive or costly. The stark reality is the pro standing by the lake with a $50 lure, and the average guy with a $5 live bait can have an equal chance of going home empty handed.

“Worked great and came as advertised.. Caught many bass and walleye on these.” 

Had some trouble with it at first much like the banjo minnow but once I got the correct technique down with both lures I had success with them.” 

The commercials for Mighty Bite aside you will have fun these lures whether you catch the limit or not. The scent sticks are less messy than dealing with a spray or gel, and you can take along friends who are squeamish about using live bait.

mighty bite complete set

Mighty Bite Complete Set

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