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July 16, 2012

Introducing Greenworks Tools


We often do not think of our lawn care equipment harming the environment but the weed trimmers, blowers and lawnmowers run on gas produce fumes and CO2 which adds to polluting our environment. But now Greenworks Tools has a line of environmentally safe lawn care equipment that boasts performance similar to gas powered models, but with no harmful fumes, lower maintenance costs and they run off electrical power rather than gas…continue reading

There are several Greenworks products to choose from, including their vaunted Lithium-ion cordless battery powered lawnmower which boasts performance rating similar to gas powered versions. Also, the green works trimmer is a 40 volt cordless model that promises 40% more run time than other battery powered models on a single charge. Another of the Greenworks products is the 40 volt lightweight blower that boasts plenty of power with none of the downside from using gas powered versions…read more 

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While these green works tools offer plenty of performance, particularly the Greenworks trimmer in terms of portability, lightweight design and powerful battery-powered performance which ranks similar to gas powered versions, it must be noted that these green works tools do need to be charged from your home electrical supply with will add to your electric bill.

In tests however, the overall performance of these Greenworks tools were quite impressive and were similar to their gas powered counterparts. The occasional use will create overall savings compared to paying for gas which makes these green works tools environmentally friendly and highly useful at the same time…check the complete review

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