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September 5, 2013

How to use Teeter Hang Ups

teeter hang ups how to use

Inversion therapy involves being upside down or at an inverted angle for a short period of time, and is performed with the goal of achieving a number of health benefits. When we stand normally, the pull of gravity may decompress certain joints in our body. However, when we use inversion therapy to hang upside down, each joint is loaded in an equal and opposite manner to standing, which can be a therapeutic treatment for back pain or stress, and can increase oxygen flow to the brain and improve lymph flow.

One of the most effective ways to undergo inversion therapy is with a Teeter Hang Ups – a special inversion table that allows the user to hang from their feet on a comfortable platform for several minutes. The use of this product can be awkward at first, as it initially feels like a rather unnatural position to be in, but becomes much easier after a few attempts. This article will outline how to use and care for your Teeter Hang Ups.

Operating your Teeter Hang Ups

teeter hang ups how to use

The key to using this product is to remember that it will take a while to become familiar with the mechanical process of the machine. By using the device regularly, you will gradually become more comfortable on it and achieve better results. It is very important to follow the instructions for use carefully, as failing to correctly use your Teeter Hang Ups could result in a serious injury. Here’s how to use it:

  • The first step is to adjust the roller hinge according to your weight, by selecting A (if you weigh 80 to 120 pounds) B (120-220) or C (220-300) using the hinge located on the main handle of the frame.
  • Next, adjust the table to suit your height. You will find the height adjustment located at the bottom of the table, and it is important that it is accurately adjusted for your height because the head rest provides important support for your head and neck while you are upside down.
  • For beginners or inexperienced users, the tether strap is very important. This strap controls the angle of the inversion table, so it doesn’t let the table turn completely upside down for your first few uses. The strap can be adjusted and attached to the back of the table.
  • Next, place the ankle clips on your feet. These clips have bars that wrap around the inversion bar, and this is the area that you hang from, so make sure the ankle clips are securely fastened to the inversion bar or you may fall.
  • Now it’s time to begin the inversion process. Use the handle to flip yourself upside down. If you have attached the tether strap, you will only partially invert, but if it is not attached, you will turn completely upside down.
  • Once you are inverted, relax your body and allow your back to stretch. Maintain the position for a few minutes before using the handle to pull yourself back to a normal, upright position.
  • Remove the ankle clips and carefully dismount the table. Wait a couple of minutes on the table before dismounting if you feel at all dizzy or faint.
  • For best results, use the Teeter Hang Ups for short amounts of time, regularly.

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After Using Your Teeter Hang Ups

Following the use of your table, you may like to wipe it down to remove any sweat or grease. Use a damp cloth and water, or disinfectant surface spray if desired. As for caring for your Teeter Hang Ups, there is nothing in particular that needs to be considered, but storing your table in a dry location is important, and out of direct sunlight as this could damage the table. Covering the table or storing it in a cupboard will keep it in the best condition and also prevent dust from building up on your table.

Safety first!

Although this product can provide excellent results for many users, there are some people who shouldn’t even consider the use of inversion therapy. In particular, individuals with high blood pressure, who suffer from vertigo, or glaucoma or other ocular conditions should not pursue the use of an inversion table.

Prior to purchasing or using your Teeter Hang Ups, seek medical advice to ensure that you are not only safe to use the inversion table, but also that you will benefit from it in terms of stress or back pain relief. Don’t overdo it in the hope of achieving better results – not everybody benefits from inversion therapy and hanging yourself upside down for hours on end will not help you achieve better results!

As the inversion table can initially be difficult to use, it is a good idea to have someone on hand the first few times to help you with the inversion. They can provide you with physical support and also reassure you that they are standing close by and you are not going to be stuck hanging upside down.

In short…

  • Consult a medical specialist before purchasing a Teeter Hang Ups to ensure that you do not have any health conditions that will prevent you from using the table, and that you will benefit from inversion therapy
  • Carefully follow the instructions for use to ensure that you are using your table correctly and not putting yourself at risk of injury
  • Take time to get used to your table; don’t invert yourself completely on your first few uses, and make sure you have a friend standing by to help you if necessary
  • Use your table for short intervals on a daily basis for best results
  • Care for your table by wiping it down after use, storing it in a dry area out of direct sun, or in a cupboard to prevent damage or dust build up

Most of all, enjoy your Teeter Hang Ups and experience the benefits of inversion therapy.

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