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February 18, 2013


Get Your GripGo Today

GripGo is the latest sensation online and offline. Most TV advertisement slots are taken up by attractive gripgo phone mount commercials. However, does gripgo work? There aren’t many gripgo phone mount reviews online, considering it is a fairly new product. However, I really loved the product and wanted to share my thoughts with those considering buying a gripgo phone mount in the near future.

Gripgo phone mount is a revolutionary product that has won the hearts of many. It is a hands-free mount, which gives you a preview of your phone anytime and without distracting you while driving. Want to know more? Read on to know more about the product from my gripgo review!

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Car has become a necessity with rising public transportation cost and for freedom of movement when needed the most. Likewise, mobiles have become an important part of our lives, especially for those who work or own a business. Staying connected is very important and none would want to miss important calls while driving. There are many accidents reported every day, blamed on using mobile phones while driving. What if you could stay away from grabbing your phone and picking up calls while driving, yet, check the phone when you need to check or grab it with ease? That’s exactly what you can do with gripgo phone mount.

Avoid this situations with gripgo

Avoid Dangerous Situations while driving

Now you may think, why you need a gripgo phone mount if a regular mobile holder can hold your phone safely! Let me explain better, so you understand how the product really works and how it can help you.

Gripgo phone mount can be positioned on the dashboard, or the windscreen, whatever suits your best. Once you get it mounted, place your phone and see how well it grabs your phone firmly! Your phone does not move or get scathed with all the movement when you drive the vehicle.

And yet, when you want to remove the phone, it comes out easily! Isn’t it amazing? The best part about this product is that, you can position any make or model and forget about it. It could be a flip phone, smart phone or even a normal phone.

You can position your phone in a way you can see the screen when you want to check who is calling and decide if at all you want to answer a call. When you remove it, the phone slides out easily into your hands and there’s no sticky residue on the phone. The suction is high quality and hence, the phone is held in place and without any unsightly glue left behind.


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drive safely with gripgo

GripGo in Your Car



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    I have just watched the gripgo commercial. This seems a very good idea.

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