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September 26, 2013

Focus T25

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Written by: Philip Duke
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focus t25 exercise dvd

The two things most likely to turn someone off from working out are exactly the factors you might expect when taking about a physical activity. People stop using a workout because they are either physically or mentally fatigued by the program. Mental fatigue is actually the reason most stop using certain DVDs or don’t want to try new ones. To put it simply they become bored.

A Reason to Try the Focus T25 

Some of us don’t try every new fitness DVD, but a few do catch the eye immediately. Focus T25 makes two interesting claims. First, it promises to be an intense 60 minute workout packed into a 25 minute session. That’s hard to resist. Secondly, it promises take off the fat, while sculpting at the same time. These two claims make ordering this product tantalizing, but there are a few facts you might want to know before you pull out your credit card.

Beachbody and Customers Expectations 

Focus T25 is a Beachbody product, and this name has been in the workout business long enough to have many supporters, and just as many detractors. The simple truth is, some folks have had good luck in ordering products through Beachbody, and some have decidedly not had a good experience.

For those who feel they have reason not to order Beachbody products, another alternative is to rent Focus T25 or possibly even look for ways to borrow the DVD and reading material on the system in order to give it a fair chance away from seeing it only as a Beachbody product.

Fitness Levels and Focus T25 

The before and after picture of a young guy with no muscle tone who morphs into a lean mean ab machine, which Focus T25 uses in its advertising notwithstanding, no DVD produces a miracle. Most of the reviews on Focus T25 – also available in UK – are from customers who routinely workout either through gyms or using DVDs. If you are couch jockey who smokes, and you have a few love-handles you are going to be gasping for breath on the floor before completing the first five minutes of this DVD, much less making it through the full 25 minutes. It might be a good idea if you haven’t tried DVD workouts, or haven’t visited the gym in some time to start out with something that will allow you to build the endurance for a short intense workout first.

No Real Frills 

The Focus T25 is short and intense, and the entire program sold as a pack supports this type of philosophy. When you order you also get a quick-start guide explaining the workout, a nutritional guide, a workout calendar to track your progress, a fasting guide, and a B-lines (15 lbs) resistance band. There’s also the 24 hour, 7 day a week online support that is usually offered with Beachbody products. Again, if you are used to working out alone, and you do your own research into fitness all of the material will make sense, otherwise you will no doubt need to use the online support for a bit more information.

One thing worth noting is the resistance band is made of latex, a fact not mentioned in the advertising at least not at the time of this review. For anyone allergic to latex, you will want to be wary opening the box since this item is definitely made of this material.

Reviews of the Focus T25 Program

Almost all customer reviews of the Focus T25 program are long time uses of other DVD programs. Not surprising for these individuals despite the fact this is only 25 minutes long, many report becoming bored with the system pretty quickly.

“I find myself getting bored with it. There’s only so much jumping around I can do without wanting to do something else. I don’t see myself getting through 10 weeks of this DVD”

It’s hard to tell if this is a matter of DVD burnout, or whether or not it’s the rather lackluster presentation of Focus T25 itself. The producer tried to make it more interesting, but the results aren’t the best.

“This program would be better served by a stable camera, versus one that bounces all over the place, as well as a demonstration segment explaining each move and the modification used.”

Many reviewers reacted negatively based on comparisons to other similar DVD’s, but there are quite a few reviews by customer that rave about the Focus T25 program.

“I am addicted to Beachbody and love to try all the new workouts. I have to say that this is by far the best one they have had out so far.”

If you are an experienced user of DVD programs than Focus T25 is a good addition to your personal library You can visit Focus T25 Official Site  if from UK visit Focus T25 UK Official Site  . This isn’t a good program for those starting out however, and the best recommendation is to look for those programs that are a little better at presenting alternative moves and modifications.

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