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April 11, 2013

Flex Seal Review

Flex Seal As seen on tv

Are you constantly worried of your leaky roof or pouring gutter that’s destroying the foundation of your home? Do you need to repair leaks and damages? If your answer to these questions is yes, then do not call the handyman that would cost you thousands of dollars. You now have a cheaper alternative with Flex Seal. Find out in this Flex Seal review what makes this a perfect solution for repairing leaks and damages in your home.

In this economy, the last thing that most people want is to have shell out money for expensive roofing and plumping repairs yet, they know that when their home or water pipes spring a leak it needs to be repaired quickly to prevent more damage and more costly repairs.  But what if you could find a sealant that could go wet or dry surfaces and not only stop water leaks but, prevent that air from coming in around your windows, repairs cracks in a variety of surfaces and comes in an easy to use spray can making it possible for you to make your own repairs with little knowledge and no training?


Flex Seal Perfect Home Repairs

Flex Seal Perfect Home Repairs

Flex seal is a rubber spray sealant that goes on as liquid, seeps into cracks and holes where it hardens into a cold and heat resistant rubber sealant that is flexible, yet water tight.  Once dry you can paint over the sealant so no one ever needs to know that you made those repairs. Is the best you can use for all types of home repairs. It is an easy way of coating and sealing. It quickly stops leaks. In fact, a quick shot of Flex Seal can seep into homes and cracks, stopping even the most stubborn leaks while at the same time staying completely flexible. Flex Seal is basically liquid rubber in a can. It covers leaky spots so easily and works as a beautiful seal that can last a long time. Visit Flex Seal Official Site


  • Instantly applies and comes in an easy to use spray can
  • Resistant to extreme weather and fire
  • Remains effective for years
  • Completely waterproof


  • Multiple coats are needed for larger holes and cracks
  • Nozzle requires cleaning after use

Features and Benefits

  • Flex seal comes in an easy to use spray can
  • Goes on smooth forming a water tight barrier
  • Saves on expensive roof and plumping repairs
  • Versatile. Can be used on roofs, gutters, pipes, around windows, sky lights, appliances, and used to patch small holes or cracks in boats, basement walls and more
Flex Seal Benefits

Flex Seal Benefits


Its powerful stream deeply penetrates into the surface and creates a bendable barrier that is totally waterproof. It is like a handyman in a can. It gives an extremely durable, weather-resistant coating and can hold firmly even in extreme conditions.

What makes it different from other sealant is it has an advanced and new formula guaranteed to seal, coat and protect surfaces, stopping even the toughest leaks. It is capable of sealing out water and last for years. It sprays out a liquid that drips into holes and cracks and dries to flexible, rubberized coating. It is highly suitable for gutters, roofs, skylights, mobile homes, pipes, appliances and more.

Because Flex Seal is a rubber sealant, you can spray it on metal to prevent corrosion. It is very useful as well to help deaden vibration and sound on a surface. This makes it a great tool when working on a soundproofing project. It is used by most homeowners as a preventive measure on the foundation of their home, stopping potential leaks before they can start.

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Concerns and Advices

Though this product works perfectly, some are bothered it is available only in black. Fortunately, the manufacturer of Flex Seal thought in advance and ensures it is 100% safe to use with paint. However, it takes a little effort and ability in painting to cover up the sealant easily when using it.

Sales and Deals

Flex Seal Sale – 2 packs of 14 oz cans—for the first can is $19.99 and $4.99 for the second can.


With so many people having trouble making ends meet having a product that is simply and easy to use that repairs those things that can spring both water and air leaks and saves you from calling in those expensive professionals is worth keeping on hand.  The money you can save by repairing small leaks in pipes or your roof yourself rather than calling in professionals can make a huge difference in times like these. For that reason alone Flex Seal is worth keeping on hand.

When you stop to consider the addition fees that you might incur having to call those professionals to make emergency repairs or wait and risk more damage then it almost seems like flex seal should be one of those products on every families shelf or tool box. Definitely worthy of your investment

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Flex Seal Customer Video Testimonial


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Flex Seal Official Site

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