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September 1, 2012

Comfortisse Bra Vs Genie Bra

genie vs comfortisse bra

Women need bras that are not only of top quality but are also affordable. The Comfortisse bra is said to be better than Genie bra for many reasons.

The market is being flooded with numerous bra brands that promise to be the best as far as comfort, beauty, and functionality are concerned. However, two names are fighting over the label as the best, and that is none other than Comfortisse bra and Genie bra. So, which is these two really prevails when it comes to convenience, comfort, color, and price?

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When it comes to comfort and convenience, you can say that the Genie bra and Comfortisse bra has somewhat a close fight since both are easy to wear, without the hassles rendered by other bras, and the two brands are also made using the finest quality of materials.But when it comes to color, the Comfortisse bra takes the top spot because unlike the Genie bra that only has nude, black, and white as color options, Comfortisse bra also has several fashion colors such as blue, dark pink and lilac. It only means that these bras are perfect if you love wearing fashionable clothes.

Of course, the price plays an essential role when you are buying just about any product, not just bras. Here, Comfortisse bra also emerges victorious over Genie bra as it is more affordable that you can get 9 bras for only $9.97 while Genie bras will cost you $9.99 for every bra in a set of six.

So, if you are on the prowl for the best bra, Comfortisse bra is something that will give you the most out of your money.

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Comfortisse Bra Official Site

Comfortisse Bra Official Site



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  1. Helen Lewis

    These bras might have been 9.99 when you wrote this review but now they are TWO payments of 29.95 PLUS 9.95 S&H for each 3 bras. Not a good deal at all! You should remove your endorsement, it could do weird things to your reputation.

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