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July 22, 2013

Cat’s Meow – A Toy for Cats of All Ages

Cat's Meow Toy

Cat Playing
Cats can be extremely reckless, especially when left alone at home. When you leave your cat alone at home, they can get to scratching all of your furniture and possessions, and you can end up with ripped curtains, bitten couches, and even your toilet paper can be unraveled and left all over the floor. The mess that a lonely cat can leave behind is often expensive and hard to clean up, but what if you need to leave the house and you don’t have anyone to watch your cat? Cats do not need babysitters; they just need something in order to keep them occupied while you are away. This is what motivated me to look up toys that your cat will be occupied with while you are away, so you do not have to stress about your antiques being broken or your new (and expensive) curtains being ripped to shreds. I have found a toy called the Cat’s Meow, and it was built just for this purpose. Cat’s Meow has plenty of good reviews, so I decided to write a helpful and informational article that outlines everything you need to know about the product.


The Purpose and How it Works

Cat's Meow ToyCat’s Meow is specifically designed to keep your cat occupied while you are away. This way, you can leave your cat alone while you are at work or running errands without worrying about your valuable materials at home. This toy is designed to be a great stress reliever for all cat owners, according to the producer. Cat’s Meow is a battery operated toy that is in the shape of a giant circle. In the middle is a contraption that keeps the toy stationary, and attached to the circular contraption is a toy that revolves around the middle when the device is turned on. Covering the entire toy is a colored nylon material, and the toy will spin around under the cover, catching the attention of your cat almost instantly. The cat will attack and stalk the toy that is spinning underneath the cover, and the nylon material will not rip under the wrath of your cat’s claws. The spinning toy will go in random motions, keeping your cat occupied for hours. This toy is not only to keep your cat occupied, but to keep him or her active as well. Old cats often get lazy and in turn become fat, which is unhealthy and could cause serious health problems for your furry little companion. Cat’s Meow was designed to ensure that your cat is getting his or her daily exercise, and the best part is that you don’t have to lift a finger or even be home for your cat to play! This is what the maker and the reviews I have read have told me about Cat’s Meow so far. Read on to see what customers are saying for yourself.

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Customer Reviews

Many customers are saying pretty great things about the Cat’s Meow. Here is what one customer said:


“Our cat has been playing with this toy for almost a month now, every day, for hours at a time and she loves it. Very smart idea. The cat seems to be entertained even just by watching it spin from up on the couch. One suggestion for added entertainment: place the toy near things that the cat can hide behind or on top of, and stalk and attack the wand from there. Our cat loves that!”


This customer, along with her cat, is obviously satisfied with Cat’s Meow. Another customer also praised the toy:


“I have 3 cats and bought this for them for Valentines Day. The laughs haven’t stopped yet. Set on slow or random, the batteries have lasted far longer than 2 hours. The biggest cat will sit on it, and act surprised that the wand will still run into him. He then goes after it with a vengeance. The next oldest, his son, will go into a “fuzzy-tail-hunched-back” stance, hopping on his toes, then attach with fury only to have the wand escape his grasp. My female Manx, the youngest, reaches under the skirt but even when she manages to grab the wand it still wiggles in her grasp and escapes when she opens her paw. I put it up for a few days then turn it on again, all three come running with antics and new plans to catch “it.” I can’t wait to try feathers on the wand for even more fun. I would recommend this to everyone I know who owns cats. I’ve bought more toys than I care to think about only to watch cats ignore the “latest and greatest human toy” after a few minutes. Not so with this!”


This customer also loved the toy for her cats. However many good reviews I have found about Cat’s Meow, I have also found a complaint that I feel the need to share.


The Drawback

The motor of the toy begins to get worn down after a while, and this can be increased due to the friction of a carpet or a rug. This is what some customers are complaining about, since they do not want their cat’s toy to be run down by a silly carpet. This is why it is better to have the toy on a hard, flat surface. This way, there will be less friction preventing the toy from spinning around freely. This is an easy fix, but it was worth a mention.


The Verdict

Cat’s Meow seems like a great toy for a cat overall, and if you are interested then you should visit the official website. If you order the toy from there, then it will cost about $20.00. The site is also offering a second Cat’s Meow free if you order soon. I recommend making your purchase from this site, since you do not want a knock-off brand toy for your cat. Let us know how the Cat’s Meow works for you!

Cat's Meow toy  Special Offer

Cat’s Meow Toy Special Offer

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About the Author

Philip Duke
Philip Duke has a passion for music. Most folks know at least one person like Philip who is always found wearing headphones or ear buds listening to music. You name an obscure band and this person will know all about them. You wonder how a music technique works and this person knows. There’s a tune in your head, but you can’t remember the singer or the name of the song. This person will know the singer, the name of the song, the date it was released, and where you can still find a download of the music. Yep, that guy is Philip. Experienced in listening is one thing, but Philip also has years of experience on the other side as well, and is an accomplished musician in his own right. He enjoys sharing his knowledge of various music scenes, and venues he’s experienced for himself with others, and enjoys writing on all aspects of music. The place you will find Philip? Out about enjoying music whether it’s at a small bar listening to a new group just starting out, and at a concert enjoying a favorite mega-artist with thousands of other fans. What he thinks of the music he hears you can be sure he’ll share it with you on his blog.


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  1. lynsey

    I ordered this for my Barney and he doesn’t play with it- not because he doesn’t like it oh no, because my little chihuahua absolutely adores it LOL! He may be not much bigger than your average cat, but he loves it- I daren’t get the free one out the package!

  2. Janey

    Haha lynsey! I ordered this when mom was in hospital as i worried about my Carley and Olive being left alone for a long time when I was visiting mom. They are indoor cats now as they are getting on a bit. but they still love to play and I feel better knowing my babies are occupied

  3. Paula Robinson

    Great informative article Philip, its interesting what you say about the carpet because cats and carpets don’t mix! my schofie was forever scratching his claws on my carpet and I tried absolutely everything to stop him. I read online that if you caught the cat clawing the best thing to do was to place his paw on a scratching post to encourage him to scratch there. That didn’t work. My friend has a new puppy and she was looking for toys online and i thought maybe i could look to see if there were any toys for cats and I found the cats Meow and Schofie loves it and he has stopped scratching at the carpet so much. So I keep it in my kitchen now and he has taken to it. Its a real bargain and has saved my carpets!

    • Hi Paula
      Thanks for the lovely feedback and sharing your experience with the Cats Meow toy. Philip says that he felt it only fair that he pointed out the possible drawback in order to make a more balanced article. However, it was really difficult to find any fault with this as its hugely popular and in high demand. I love the way you say ‘cats and carpets don’t mix’! One of our customers said that cats like to scratch their claws all the time, but some do it when they are bored and left alone for a long time. Its funny really as lots of dog owners leave toys to occupy their dogs, but its not something that cat owners think about as much as cats are more independent creatures!

      kindest regards

  4. Jennifer Hartley

    I have a very grumpy older cat, Marlowe and have just got a new kitten, Rosie, so I ordered this to keep her occupied. But oh my I am so pleased now as its made Marlowe so happy!. At first he just sat there watching Rosie tearing madly after it then he slowly crept up to it and swiped at it with his paw! It was hilarious as he is generally so lazy and I was amazed. He sits watching it all the time now and tries his best to ‘catch’ it. Its given him a new lease of life and he even swipes Rosie so that she can’t get it!!! I am thinking about ordering one for my sister’s cats, she lives in Toronto, is it possible to order to Canada?

  5. Julie Carpenter

    I came across this site when looking for ways to entertain my small kitten as she is very timid and shy. I must say it seems like a great way to entertain cats and I think its realy funny that the older cats love it too, can I order this to Holland?

  6. Steven Gibson

    I was thinking about ordering this for my new girlfriend’s cats so that I can impress her lol.How long does it take to arrive once I have ordered it?

  7. Joanna Hartwell

    Hi folks great review and i totally agree with you there Paula, I had almost given up with carets after my Tilly kept scratching it was a complete nightmare! when she was a little kitten i let her sleep in my room at night, so that she wasn’t so lonesome, but she kept me awake repeatedly by scratching at the carpet! So I moved her into the bathroom and she virtually destroyed my mats! Like you guys here i tried scratching posts and everything, but no luck until i got her toys. But this toy is her favourite and definitely keeps her interest for much longer. But best of all my carpets are no longer interesting to her!!!!!!!!!
    Have a nice day

  8. Hello Joanna
    Thanks for sharing your feedback, we have had a lot of customers talking about this situation. It does seem that this is an unexpected benefit and probably one of the best features of the Cats meow toy.

    Best regards

  9. cheryl

    Hi,I just have to get this out.My cat loves this thing she tears it up .She takes it apart & gets mad when it stops working.She turns it on & off herself running across the house to attack it tumbling with it.getting under it to see how it works.Her favorite thing is to get it apart & hide under the yellow cover stalking it.She even plays with it when the batteries die.If you want more fun with it try foil ribbon instead of the little red tail soooo funny.Best toy ever..

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  11. […] which add some action to your cat’s life such as the Cat’s Meow not only entertain your feline friend, but it helps her remain fit, and allows her to find her […]

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