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5 fall gardening tips

5 Fall Gardening Tips

Fall is a great time to be outside. If you live in the south the cool crisp air is a novelty you can’t pass up. Gardening not only gets you outside it allows you to improve the environment in your own front and back yard. It ...
by Claire Miller

soft super cooler

Soft Super Cooler

Nothing is as relaxing as a day at the beach. Except for the crowd and managing to get all the supplies you need out of the car and onto the sand. The problem with most bags you take along is that these aren’t large enough to...
by Helen

mighty bite logo

Mighty Bite Lures and Fishing

Anyone who knows fishing well is aware there’s two types of people you will see on the water. Those who enjoy a good time, and those who take fishing so seriously it stops being fun. Mighty Bite lures appear to be the right c...
by Philip Duke


Flex Seal As seen on tv

Flex Seal Review

Are you constantly worried of your leaky roof or pouring gutter that’s destroying the foundation of your home? Do you need to repair leaks and damages? If your answer to these questions is yes, then do not call the handyman t...
by Helen

xhose expandable hose garden as seen on tv

xHose Expandable Garden Hose

For those who tire of winding and unwinding their garden hose, for those who do not look forward to lifting and maneuvering a heavy garden hose around, there is a new product on the market that solves all of those problems and ...
by Philip Duke


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