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November 6, 2013

Bio D Supreme

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Written by: Claire Miller
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bio d supreme

The only warning I was given about a problem with vitamin D was a few leg cramps. These were easy to ignore, and so was the slight occasional ringing in my ears. Living in a state filled with sunshine I didn’t think it was possible not to be getting enough vitamin D. It was the call from the doctor’s office which finally got my attention. Apparently, no, I wasn’t getting enough, and the leg cramps and ear trouble were only the beginning of trouble I could have unless I took the problem seriously. After the prescribed treatment for low-D was over the search was on for product I’d remember to take, and that was easy to stomach. Bio D, which claims to help absorb vitamin D more effectively sounded like a good solution.

The Low-D Problem 

Most of us are aware how important it for growing children to have enough vitamin D. The link between healthy bones and this vitamin was noticed generations ago. It was also discovered sunbathing aided in keeping up healthy levels of D. What wasn’t generally known until recently was how low D affected adults, nor was it widely known how not having enough of this vitamin could cause serious problems for adults as they aged.

Symptoms and Illness from Low-D 

Adults who have low vitamin D levels often experience muscle weakness and fatigue. Since vitamin D helps to boost the immune system low levels will see an adult experience more illnesses such as the flu. Mood swings and depression are also associated with not having enough vitamin D. Hearing loss and dental problems also occur with very low levels of D. Serious diseases such as diabetes type II and heart disease is found more frequently among those who don’t have enough vitamin D.

Why Take Supplements Such as Bio D Supreme?

I was surprised at the low level of D I had when tested in my doctor’s office since I believed my diet was healthy. The same is true for many people who are found to have the same problem. It’s not just those with a diet that revolves around fast food, even someone who takes care to make healthy meals at home might not be getting enough D.

Sunbathing is one method most people got lots of the vitamin is currently known to be a dangerous practice. Getting D through supplements is one method of keeping the right levels, but pills are not always effective especially for anyone with digestive problems. The use of Bio D Supreme is promoted as an effective way anyone can use to keep levels of D in the normal range.

Visit Bio D Supreme Official Site Here

An Order of Bio D Supreme

There are almost no reviews of Bio D Supreme to be found so I’m sure the question that anyone interested in the product would have is how does it taste? The answer is there is a slight “vitamin” taste. It’s not overwhelming, however, which is good because you need to use the spray in a short burst eight times a day per the instructions. If you are sensitive to taking pills this is still much easier, and the small spray canister fits into a pocket or purse. Since it is a spray you absorb more D than you would from a pill. When you order just one you are supposed to get a 30 day supply which is a .45 ounce spray canister. In the packaging you will find it repeated to use only as directed. With any vitamin supplement taking too much is never a good idea. Keep it to the eight sprays a day and you should increase the level of B to normal amounts. From Bio D Supreme website you can order up to a three month’s supply.

The Lack of Feedback on Bio D Supreme

The only reviews for Bio D Supreme so far are on the website. This isn’t really a surprise since the product hasn’t been on the market very long. The testimonials on the site are upbeat and not really surprising.

“I normally get sick almost every month because I am around kids at school that are sick all the time.  But, I have not been sick once since using Bio D Supreme and I feel much more energetic.” 

The truth is yes, you will feel better while using Bio D Supreme. Especially if you have been seeing the effects of low D, you should see some improvement in a few weeks.

To Spray or Not to Spay 

The only complication not mentioned in the instructions or on the Bio D Supreme’s website is how problematic it is to keep track of “eight sprays throughout the day”. After a couple of days it’s become a little grating to try to keep track. You don’t want to take too little and waste the product, but too much isn’t good either. The only way I managed this was to start using it at specific times of the day so I would know for sure I was using it properly. I feel better, and all the spray is much better for me personally than taking pills I’m not sure are effective.

Bio D Supreme Official Site

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