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November 13, 2013

5 Easy Ways to Stop Snoring

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Written by: Claire Miller
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5 easy ways to stop snoring

In popular culture snoring is made to sound funny, but this type of humor is lost on those who live with snoring. It deprives the individual who snores of needed sleep, and it also disturbs anyone who shares sleeping space with a snorer of rest. Snoring is linked to a number of other health issues, and can impact the snorers in many other negative ways. There several methods you can try to relieve snoring, and many of these are straightforward and simple, not mention being easy on your pocket book.

The Difference between Snoring and Sleep Apnea 

Benign snoring and the medical condition known as sleep apnea are two very different problems. Snoring loses the sufferer sleep, and can lead to other issues, but sleep apnea is more serious. Sleep apnea is different from snoring in that it’s a disorder characterized by long abnormal pauses while breathing during sleep. This condition is caused by a number of health issues, and if you have heard from those around you that you stop breathing while sleeping, or if you suspect sleep apnea is your problem rather than snoring then seeing a doctor is recommended.

1.Losing Weight to Guard Your Sleep

As with so many other health issues, snoring is often frequently caused by being overweight. If you started snoring after mid-age this is one common cause of snoring. Taking off a few pounds will often help reduce, and even aid you in stopping the problem of snoring altogether.

2.Changing How You Sleep 

While it might sound strange at first your body’s position while you sleep can help you stop snoring. If you sleep lying on your back then it’s possible the base of your tongue and the soft palate are collapsing as you sleep, toward the back wall of the throat. This will cause the vibration sound others hear while you sleep, and this can also jolt you awake at intervals either because of the force of the vibration or the noise. Simply developing a habit of sleeping on your side will prevent this from happening.

Many people who find that position is their night-time problem with snoring sleep with a body pillow that supports the entire body. This makes sleeping on your side more comfortable, and it’s easier for you to develop the habit of not turning over on your back as you sleep.

3.Skip the Nightcap or Sedatives 

It’s true that alcohol and sedatives allow you to relax so you can fall into a deep sleep, but both have the unfortunate effect of relaxing the muscles in the back of your throat too. As with the problem of position this sees the tongue and soft palate falling into the back of the throat. The difference between positional snoring, and sedative induced snoring is even sleeping on your side won’t keep the relaxed muscles from vibrating against each other.

This problem is also seen with any product such as night-time cold medicine that contains alcohol. If snoring is only a problem if you’ve had drinks or a sedative before bedtime this could the cause.

4.Improve Poor Sleep Habits 

It’s a very busy world we live in, and if you have developed a habit of staying up late, sleeping in, or getting very little sleep this could be a cause of snoring. The reason for this is when you tire the body out, and deprive it of regular sleep the body will enter a very relaxed state to recover from this exhaustion. Sleeping off fatigue is much the same as having alcohol or sedates as the muscles of the throat, and soft tissues in the mouth become “floppy” with this fatigue. Having a regular routine of sleep if possible is the remedy if this might be the cause of your snoring.

5.Opening Blocked Nasal Passages 

In many cases the problem doesn’t start in the back of the throat, but in the nose. If you have been told that you “whistle” while you snore, your snore has a nasal quality, you wake up with a dry mouth, or if you wake up during sleep not being able to breathe through one side of your nose it’s possible the problem is actually blocked nasal passages.

Here the problem is the clogged nasal passage can’t keep up with the fast moving air being drawn into the lungs. This causes the same vibration as seen at the back of the throat when it’s compressed by other tissues or muscles.

If this is the problem causing your snoring then try taking a hot shower before bedtime to open the nasal passages. Another solution many have found effective are nasal strips containing a nasal decongestant. Wearing these while asleep delivers a small amount of the decongestant throughout the night effectively keeping the passages open.

Another Overall Solution 

Another solution which has helped many who snore is the use of a mouth piece. These can made by a doctor or found in pharmacies or use SnoreRx. Since these reduce the vibration of the throat, mouth and nose these are often very effective.

 SnoreRx “SnoreRx in essence is a very safe product, it doesn’t contain any BPA (Bisphenol), latex or acrylics. It has a revolutionary design and includes a built in Calibrator. The Calibrator allows the bottom section of the mouthpiece to maneuver in a forward direction to fulfill individual needs. It’s worth mentioning that it is FDA approved product. The mouth piece lasts approximately 12-15 months which is way ahead of the other products on the market. I know that some of you will ask “But since it is a mouthpiece can you get a TMD/TMJ pain?”, the answer is “No”, it is a product that is very friendly to your jaw.”continue reading here





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